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LED Lighting

LED LightingLED lighting is the most energy efficient and longest lasting lighting product on the market today. LED lighting is ideal foraccent lighting in cabinets, under kitchen benches, pathways, staircases, corridors and stairwells. They’re also a great energysaving option for bedrooms, living rooms, home theatres and dining rooms, and in most cases …

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Energy Efficiency Benefits of C-Bus

We all want to do our part for the environment, but did you know that you can use energy more efficiently using C-Bus Home Control?With so many advanced features, C-Bus allows you to take complete control of your lighting andelectrical devices. Through sensors, timers and system programming, they will operate only when…

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C-Bus Home Control

C-Bus Home ControlControlling more than just lighting, C-Bus has the ability to operate devices such as motorised blinds, air conditioning, pool and spapumps, security systems and home theatre… just to name a few.

Enhance your lifestyle by combining today’s modern technology with the benefits …

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BUILDING A NEW SMART HOMEWHAT IS SMART WIRING AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT IN THE FUTURE?There will no longer be the traditional copper phone lines available in Australia, this is oldtechnology. The federal government have encouraged all new developers to implement optical…

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Clipspec Consultation


Home electrical planning is easy with Clipspec

Planning your home electrical is easy with a Clipspec consultation, which is available through Automated Living Solutions.With the help of a Clipspec consultant, you can design all your electrical needs for your home in one simple meeting….

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All digital soundTwo Class-D digital amplifiersTwo force-cancelling speakersSeamless integration with Sonos system


Add players all over your home with one touch


AndroidiPhoneiPadSONOS CONTROL


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