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C-Bus Home Control


C-Bus Home Control
Controlling more than just lighting, C-Bus has the ability to operate devices such as motorised blinds, air conditioning, pool and spa
pumps, security systems and home theatre… just to name a few.

Enhance your lifestyle by combining today’s modern technology with the benefits of C-Bus Home Control. The
system can be individually programmed to suit your home and lifestyle – further enhancing the level of comfort
and convenience in your home.
Designed so that your whole family can operate it, you can control your C-Bus system from an extensive range of
touch-screens, DLT’s and other wall switches to blend in with your home and complement your décor. Whether
you’re outside, away from or around your home, C-Bus gives you complete control via a web-enabled device, such
as a smart-phone, laptop or tablet PC.
With C-Bus, elements such as lighting, audiovisual systems and air conditioning can be programmed to work in
unison at the touch of a button. Referred to as a “scene”, this function allows a specific mood or atmosphere to be
created quickly and easily.

Lighting control
Lighting control is a fundamental part of a C-Bus system. It
provides user-friendly, convenient benefits, such as a “welcome
home” scene to turn on garage, pathway and hallway lights at
the touch of a button.
There are also many energy saving benefits to be gained from
lighting control. You can utilise sensors and timers to turn off
lights automatically, and dimmers to reduce the amount of
power consumed when full light isn’t required.
Automated irrigation reduces water wastage far beyond that of
a standalone irrigation system. Efficiencies can also be further
maximised by considering daytime temperature, rainfall,
wind speed, and ground moisture, all conveniently monitored
and controlled by C-Bus.
Air conditioning
Integrate air conditioning into a C-Bus Home Control
system, utilising schedules and sensors along with automated
windows and blinds. This ensures your air conditioning
system operates far more efficiently and you’ll enjoy perfect
temperature all year round.
Multi-Room Audio
A Multi-Room Audio system allows you to listen to music
throughout your home. Control of audio is from the same
switches and touch screens used to control other aspects of a
C-Bus Home Control system. You have the choice of either
the same music or various sources in different rooms.
Windows and blinds
Motorised windows and blinds are incredibly practical. When
controlled by C-Bus, they can greatly improve comfort levels,
automatically adjusting according to the surroundings. You
can enjoy the perfect amount of ambient light, airflow, and
temperature all year round.
Home theatre
Simplify the operation of your home and replace multiple
remote controls with a universal remote. Furthermore, when
integrated into C-Bus a universal remote can also activate the
room’s lighting and curtains.
Home security
C-Bus Home Control integrated with your security system
provides fantastic benefits, such as periodically activating
lights as a deterrent when you’re away and alerting you via
email or SMS if there is an intrusion.
Keyless entry
Keyless entry takes on a whole new level of functionality when
integrated with C-Bus. Elements such as lighting, music and
air conditioning can be activated upon entry

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