ALS Specializes in the Design, Supply and Programming of Clipsal CBus LED Lighting Control Systems. We are Clipsal Clipspec Designers and Clipsal Cbus Point One Integrators. Call Today 0405 413301 or  Send Us an Email.  

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Clipspec Consultation



Home electrical planning is easy
with Clipspec

Planning your home electrical is easy with a Clipspec consultation, which is available through Automated Living Solutions.
With the help of a Clipspec consultant, you can design all your electrical needs for your home in one simple meeting.
Clipsal’s Clipspec software is a powerful design program that creates a custom electrical plan to match your home and
lifestyle perfectly. This combination of software and expert advice ensures your electrical plan is just right and prevents
problems, such as power outlets and switches being installed in the wrong place.During a Clipspec consultation you choose and change your selections at the click of a button and receive an exact costing so you can work within your budget. When your consultation is finished, you’ll be provided with a tailored electrical plan that can be used by your Electrician. At Automated Living Solutions when installing an Energy Efficient C-Bus Smart Home, your
consultation is free! Ask your Builder to Contact us to Get an Energy Efficient C-Bus Smart Home Design, Plan and Quote added to your Quote Letter before Signing the Contract or contact us yourself.
If you require expert advice about your home’s electrical plan,make an appointment with a Clipspec consultant at Automated Living Solutions.

New High Output Dimmable LED Downlights Now Available! Compatible with C-bus Dimmers.

Don’t forget to ask your ALS Clipspec Consultant to Specify the New high output dimmable LED Downlights when specifying your Lighting Requirements and take advantage of the Energy Savings!

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