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Energy Efficiency Benefits of C-Bus


We all want to do our part for the environment, but did you know that you can use energy more efficiently using C-Bus Home Control?

With so many advanced features, C-Bus allows you to take complete control of your lighting and
electrical devices. Through sensors, timers and system programming, they will operate only when
required and prevent energy wastage from lighting and electrical devices being left on.
As awareness grows amongst consumers, understanding where excess power is being used is key in
reducing household electricity bills. With C-Bus you can measure, monitor and control your energy
consumption and change your behaviour accordingly.

C-Bus Home Control uses energy more efficiently through

Dimmers are commonly used for energy efficiency. They
can extend the life of lamps, while reducing your power bill.
Lights can be dimmed to 20% when you are watching a
movie, or incorporated into a “dining” scene for the perfect
ambiance during dinner.
Occupancy Sensors
Utilise sensors in your pantry, hallway or closet. They’ll
automatically turn lights on when you enter and turn lights off
when you leave.
All Off Switch
At the press of a button, automatically turn off all your lights
and appliances, which may use standby power. An “all off”
function can be incorporated into an “away” or “goodbye”
scene for when you leave the house.
C-Bus Thermostat
C-Bus Thermostats can be easily set to function in a power
saving mode (Setback Mode). Heading off to work? Simply
press the “goodbye” scene on your keypad or touch screen
to turn off all the lights and reduce energy consumption for
heating or cooling.
Air conditioners can be integrated with C-Bus and controlled
by timers and sensors to operate more efficiently. For instance,
program your heating or cooling to only turn on when it
reaches a certain temperature outside.
Light Level or Daylight Sensors
Automatically adjust lighting according to the natural
ambient light coming in through your windows. This creates
a perfectly lit environment, while making the best use of
natural light.
Blind Control
Motorised windows, blinds and curtains are incredibly
practical – improve your home’s energy usage by optimising
the natural light or automatically open and close to reduce
thermal transfer and reduce reliance on artificial heating
and cooling.
Time Scheduling
With the use of simple time scheduling, C-Bus Home Control
can turn lighting and electrical devices on and off as required.
For example: If you arrive home from work at 5.30pm,
schedule your air conditioning to turn on at 4.30pm.
Irrigation System
Did you know an automated irrigation system reduces water
consumption far beyond that of a standalone irrigation
system? Efficiencies can be further maximised by considering
other variables, such as daytime temperature, rainfall, wind
speed and ground moisture.

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